Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Gel Nail Polishes

Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Gel Nail Polishes

UV gel nails have become the latest fashion rage as they look extremely beautiful and the most long lasting and reliable way of pampering your nails. This technique implies application of fake and artificial extensions that suitably fit to the real nails to make them more attractive and lengthier. This technique of applying UV gel nail polishes is more popular because of its natural looks with glossy and healthy appearance. No more ugly looks of dents or peeling polish, and no more smudges. No more headaches of chipping in or cracking of nails. Apply UV Gel Nail Polish and keep your fingers beautiful and attractive and be relaxed for at least for two to three weeks.

Advantages of UV Gel Nail Polishes

  • Most advantageous factor of UV Gel nail polishes is that it lasts for much longer durations of three to four weeks as against other acrylic nail polishes which get vanished and begin looking ugly within a single week only.

  • UV gel polishes provide superb fantastic appearance with no dents or scratches. They look more natural than other acrylics and catchy to the eyes of onlookers.

  • It is very easy to apply UV gel polish. Trim your nails as in normal course and apply the UV gel as a first coat to make the polish last longer than ever and cure it or dry it with a UV lamp or a LED lamp. Then apply the polish and dry it for one or two minutes with a UV lamp or LED lamp again. Apply another coat of polish for durability and brighter shine and dry it once again. Now your nails are ready.

  • It is very easy to remove as well. Soak for five minutes into any acrylic remover and rip it down. The whole layer of polish will get removed immediately without any extra effort of grinding or filing.


  • The use of UV gel may be harmful to your skin. Health experts believe that continuous and repeated use of UV lamps or LED lamps may lead to skin cancer. So avoid direct contact with skin by using sunscreen lotion on fingers and around cuticles.

  • The continuous use of artificial nail covers and UV Gel coatings may deprive your nails from receiving natural light and air necessary for healthy growth of the nails.

  • You may have to bear the pain while your gel polish coatings are being dried up with the heat of UV lamp or LED lamp. But this pain can be reduced by pressing your nails at the bottom of UV lamp oven or by using small fans.

  • Another disadvantage may be that gaps may develop between the polished nails and cuticles when left unattended for more than three to four weeks as the nails grow up with passage of time. But this is the case with any other nail polish also. To avoid this, you will have to fill the gel polish in the gaps so developed before any others can notice it.

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