Can UV gel nail polishes damage your natural looking nails?

UV gel nail polishes are like a blessing in disguise for people who are addicted to nail painting and nail colouring. UV gel nail polishes contain a special chemical which helps to dry up the lacquer very quickly and hardens it when placed under UV lights. This enhances the glossiness of the nail paint making them last for a few weeks without causing any chipping or damaging of any kind. For those few weeks nothing can make it lose its shine. However, this often considered boon has a dark side which can change your whole mindset about it.

The dark truth

The dark side of these UV gel manicures is that they can cause internal damage to your nails over a considerable period of time, if applied on a regular basis. Unlike regular nail paints, UV gel nail polishes need to be soaked in a 100% concentrated acetone solution. This harsh chemical when comes directly in contact with your nail can make your nails weak and in the long run can also make you suffer from eczema in the skin, in and around your nails.

However, the above mentioned drawback is still nothing compared to the major damage that these UV gel nail paints cause. The most harmful damage occurs when the nail paint starts chipping off in a few weeks after its application. People who regularly apply such nail paints often tend to file off or peel off the nail paints by themselves during this time. This leaves the layers of the nails weak and susceptible to severe damage caused by water. Situations like this, calls for patience and require you to wait until a new healthy plate grows in on top of the weak layer. However, this could take a lot of time, like months, and till then your nails can already get affected severely.

How to prevent the damage?

There are many nail paint addicts who are convinced and determined to stick to UV gel manicures for its shine, look and quick drying feature. No doubt they make your nails look attractive and beautiful, but the damage caused by them in the long run can be harmful and dangerous. Thus, in cases like this, make sure that you take special care to remove the UV gel nail polishes. The best way to prevent the damage is going to a nail expert to remove the paint. Ensure that the expert technician uses acetone soaked cotton to wrap your nails and then uses a foil to cover it. This particular technique takes up less amount of soaking time, somewhat preventing your nails from getting affected from the harsh chemical of acetone. An alternative to this procedure would be opting out all of this hassle and applying a topcoat of gel-alternative which has been a recent launch in the market. These gel-alternatives keep the gloss and shine of the nail colour intact without causing any severe damage to your nails, before, during or after its application. Moreover, they can be easily removed with the help of traditional nail polish removers.

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