GlazeMe UV Nail Polish Review.

I bought a complete GlazeMe Kit including the lamp, polishes, alcohol wipes, acetone and orange sticks two months ago and haven’t looked back! After a few applications I have now perfected the technique of applying the polishes and my nails always look great. I was getting so sick of spending time polishing my nails with regular polish, only to find chips and dents a day or two after the application. Going to a nail salon and spending a good hour with the technician applying shellac was also a big time waster and expensive. Now I paint my nails at home, watching my favorite TV show or speaking to friends on the phone plus the polish doesn’t smell nearly as strong as regular polish. The small investment in the kit has already paid off with the money saved from going to the salon, plus the polish generally lasts 1-2 weeks on my fingers and months on my toes. Thank you GlazeMe for answering any queries that I’ve had and for the great products and service you have provided!

Wonderful to use and came beautifully wrapped which means it would also make a lovely gift.


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